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Final DEMO UPDATE including 10-15 more minutes of gameplay and mechanics coming soon.

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Is an Anthology(5 Chapters) Short-Based Psychological Horror Game.   

A Horror Game inspired by my life and of course, Anthology Movies.

Each chapter tells it’s own story, which is connected to one sacred, impactful story.

Each separated with

  • different mechanics,
  • gameplay designs, 
  • ideas, 
  • environments, 
  • monsters, 
  • styles
  •  sub genres  

If you’re into creative, weird and different experiences. 

You might be into this.


This a very short Demo of the second chapter.

Headphones recommended. Listen carefully. This is an Audio experience. Just enjoy the moments.

This demo starts close to the beginning of the chapter and gives just enough, so you may come to a conclusion, that "this is amazing, I want to support this kickstarter."

This is currently in it's early stages, some assets are temporary,some things have been removed from the demo and gameplay has been altered a bit to give you a quick look on this chapter.

What are you waiting for, get in there and find out what's going on reporter.

Warning: Flashing lights.

To open cabinets,drawers : look at the handle or knob.

DEMO will be updated one more time with it's full features that were removed soon. Just needed critism on the flash mechanic and atmosphere before adding its full features back.


CH.1.zip 975 MB

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