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I included this game in my montage. Thanks again for an amazing work!

Man did I have the most difficult time with this game. Loved it though and so many good scares.

Cassie Ann is a quality little indie horror that is definitely worth a play. Be warned, the jumpscares are pretty terrifying. You can watch my video on the game if you would like :)

Definitely something I'd tell my friends to play without warning them. Looking forward to the park update.


Cassie-Ann, in its current state, is a good foundation for a spook game. The almost complete silence gives a bit more oomph to the jumpscare when it happens suddenly, and the low visibility also adds to the creep factor of everything. That said, I felt like I was either doing something wrong or the game somehow just didn't have the items in it. After multiple attempts, I was unable to collect or even SEE any items and rapidly lost immersion wandering around searching.

Issues aside, good job, dev. You have a lot of good elements in place, so I'm curious what will come of this as you work on it.

Spent some time playing it after the video and managed to get five items, but that was after three tries in forty-five minutes.  Immersion was totally lost by that point and it was all about figuring out the item spawn locations...which were super difficult to spot when they seemed random. Pretty sure I looked directly at some spots more than once, then found the item there later.


This game is tense. I enjoyed playing and I hope for more in the future


Once I actually read the instructions this was a pretty good play haha. Good mechanics. though I think my game bugged out.

I tried to beat it but I got to a point where I'd searched everything and nothing else was showing up. Could you tell me if I'm just blind XD.

Now I'm never going to the docks again! This was fun but challenging!

Well this was certainly something! The scares were really good, but I struggled to find the items I needed.

Not sure if I was doing something wrong (although this is me, so I'm 99% certain that was the case), but the atmosphere is really good and with a little more story and slightly better mechanics this could be an awesome little minigame!

Keep up the great work! =)

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I don't play horror games... ever. This scared the absolute shit out of me! Bravo you wonderful developer :)

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It is a nice idea has potentials keep up the good work ....looking forward for more games from you 


Disclaimer that I did play an older version of the game, but I like the design, the mechanics seem fair, and the doll is genuinely creepy. I might come back to this later down the line once the game is fully fleshed (or clothed in this case) out.

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Just played this game and Woven Shadows. Cassie Ann has a lot of potential to it, it got me pretty good at first when I didn't know the mechanics or where Cassie spawned. I'll definitely be playing it when it releases fully!


Nice horror game!  Quite a few time I got jump scared playing this!

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i just uploaded my gameplay of this game that actually game me some spooks, thanks for that! :D

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Really cool game mechanics! Loved the environment and the sound effects, everything was super creepy. I might've slightly broken your game though... but karma came back to get me! Would love to see some kind of footsteps added for the monster, maybe even have them get fainter as the game goes on and it gets foggier! 

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Updated!! Fixed! Thank you so much for posting this video!! :)

First of all Special Thanks to the developer :) 

I was so close, Got 4 parts. The environment get darker and darker...Very challenging....Check my Gameplay. Don't forget to hit that red button  Guys!

Pshhh. Update is out. :)

Thanks bro Will check new update

You got me good there ;)

Good, good!!

Pretty short, not a lot of content in the current version. Obviously still just a concept right now.

But for what it was, it was pretty good!

One little thing, maybe make the items easier to see. Thanks :P


Next update tomorrow!! :) I definitely will look into how to make items around the pier(especially the buttons) a bit easier to see.

Sounds dope!

this game was ultimately spooky! :D  i was so so close to finishing then BOOM!... lost XD great job on creating this game!! :D

Thank youuuuuu!!! :) Love watching all these videos!!

Petite vidéo Française sur le jeu :P 

Thank you for playing!!! :)

Améliorations requises! J’ai adoré jouer avec Cassie-Ann tout de même ;)

:) Update 9/14! See ya there maybe !

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Thank you so much for the comment :) I am actually changing the style a bit to a Tim Burton realistic Style. Creating more of a wacky, creepy atmosphere is something games aren't doing and it definitely works in this environment. Weekly updates will be applied if you want to join the ride!

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Definitely interesting for sure. I recommend doing a gradual increase on the fog every time one of the doll's parts get collected.

Added on the To Do List

for the next update! Thank you! :)

The game does not end even if you collect all six items.
I want to see the ending.

Haa Next update will add some very nice touches and an "ending". :)


Good start for a game, did find some unusual bugs and a unknown ending but I look forward to seeing the rest, I want to see that fairground.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

A decent game. The play area is very small and it's a little buggy. 

Working on it as I type :P Area expanding with an amusement park, new objectives and fixed several bugs already! Nice seeing you again !