A downloadable game for Windows

is a First Person Cooking Game.

If you're ready to experience the labor(I mean FUN) of working at a Fast Food Joint and other restaurants, look no further!

Game relies on physics based gameplay.

Wacky interactions.

Take Orders and Create them.


WASD: Move
Left click: Interaction/Hold Object
Right Click/Held: Rotate Object
Left Shift: Run
CTRL: Crouch
R: Reset Object Position
ESC: Quit

Graphics: Keyboard

1 - Best quality

2 - Decent quality


You have about three minutes to prep everything you need to do, then get ready to take orders and deliver them.
Watch the youtube video to see how some things work :)

For combos: Press the combo button first,then select in order the items.

Tutorial/Help screen or video will be added soon.

Our Game!

We would love to create this game in full! We got some wacky ideas we would love to embellish into our game!  We're going a bit out of the ordinary and each of our levels will have different challenges(I mean job requirements).

There are things that still need to be updated and fixed.

There might be bugs, I will fix them with the upcoming updates.

I have also worked on  a prototype for a horror game if you want to check it out.

(Link will be updated)

(The game is listed for Windows, I don't know if it will work on any other platforms).

Report Bugs here or Discord(Discord is more convenient though!)

For updates, join us here!

(Will update regularly)


Game Designer:                                                                                          

OTGDev's Twitter

OTGDev's Instagram


Ruttarazzo's Twitter


Install instructions

Open the exe and play.


BehindTheGrill.zip 195 MB

Development log


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Awesome game! I love this game! Thanks for making a masterpiece!!

So i really dont know what im doing wrong, because the fries arent appearing, i basically followed the video and not getting the same results, am i doing something wrong?

It may be bug, but I haven't gotten something like that. I will try to break the game soon. As for you doing it wrong, if that is the case,

Add the potato in fryer.

Press Button for fries.

When it beeps you  got around 10 seconds to get the potato out.

Put it in the fry area, not the chicken nuggets.

Works? Ta Dah :)

lol yep i think its somekind of bug, maybe its only for me or something

I will fix it! Thank you for telling me!