First Week!!

Hi there! :) 

Thank you for all the feedback, views and plays on my game! Its been awe-inspiring for this to gain some traction and there is so much to show and do!!!!

To get to the point,

9/14 is the next update!! Oh its tomorrow!! Yaaay! 

  • Squashed them bugs!! (Several major bug fixes!)
  • Clear play instructions
  • Graphic settings
  • Environment Style has been changed

I will post another devlog tomorrow with more information! 

Whats next!?

I'm currently modeling and designing the Amusement Park to ramp up the game-play depth and replay value. I'm keeping it under wraps for now about major points in the game, but for now just watch for those weekly  updates. 

I'm mostly working on this alone, the other is my artist and animator, so any support would be amazing!!!! 

See you next week with another update! Stay amazing and if you have questions, join my discord channel or join our social media! Woo!


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